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Our  Permitted Scope of Practice

If you are considering to retain a Licensed Paralegal, you may be concerned with whether a Paralegal is the correct person for the job. Licensed Paralegals are governed by the Law Society of Ontario. The LSO outlines the Permitted Scope of Practice for Licensees under Subsection 6(2) of the LSO’s By-law 4. After successfully obtaining the Class P1 Paralegal Licence, Paralegals are able to represent individuals in the following areas:

01. Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice that handles civil disputes that do not exceed $35,000.00. Money owed through an agreement for unpaid loans or unpaid accounts for goods or services or claims made for damages that include property damage, personal injuries, or a breach of contract are also within the jurisdiction of Small Claims Court as long as the amount does not exceed $35,000.00. NK Legal Services has experience in representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

02. Administrative Tribunals

Administrative law consists of rules that regulate the application of laws and sets out guidelines on how Administrative Agencies, Boards, and Commissions behave when carrying out their statutory powers. NK Legal Services provides competent representation for our clients who come before these Agencies. Our experience includes but isn’t limited to the Landlord and Tenant Board, WSIB/WSIAT, Immigration and Refugee Board, Social Security Tribunal, Social Benefits Tribunal just to name a few examples of some of the quasi-judicial tribunals and agencies that NK Legal Services has represented clients.

03. Before the Ontario Court of Justice

Under the Provincial Offences Act and its regulations, Licensees are able to represent clients who face less serious criminal offences. Many of our clients face offences under the Highway Traffic Act and their matters range from Speeding, Racing, and Stunt Driving. However, our experience is not limited to traffic violations as the POA has offences and penalties that fall into its scope. Paralegals are also permitted to represent clients on Summary Conviction offences where the maximum term of imprisonment does not exceed six months. The Criminal Code also provides for what are referred to as Hybrid Offences. These are cases where the offence is both a Summary Conviction and an Indictable offence. In which case the Licensee would need to speak with the Crown and determine which option the Crown elects to pursue. NK Legal Services has experience in representing clients at the Ontario Court of Justice for offences such as Assault and Disorderly Conduct.

04. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is becoming more widely accepted in recent time it is more generally known as negotiation. Licensed Paralegals are able to represent clients at Mediations and Arbitrations. It provides a more economical and cost effective avenue for litigants and potential litigants to resolve their matters hopefully without having to set foot inside a Courtroom. As more rules are released that are pushing for mandatory mediation, Licensed Paralegals can become invaluable. The Paralegals at NK Legal Services are qualified and ready for such a task and possess their Alternative Dispute Resolution certifications.

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